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Data Recovery

  • Do you have inaccessible,
    lost or damaged data?
    Data Recovery Service

Steps to take if your Hard Drive is failing

Step 1

Backup your data.

Step 2

Shutdown your computer.

Step 3

Fill out the data recover form.

DO NOT attempt to open your hard drive as this will greatly decrease the chance of a successful data recovery!

Frequently Asked Data Recovery Questions

You will receive all your money back except for the cost to ship the drive(s).
Note: you will not receive your existing drives back, they will be recycled safely.

Yes, a REFUNDABLE $250.00 is required for the deposit.

No, this is highly not recommeneded and can greatly descrease the chance of successfully recovering your data.

Yes, it is recommened to include either a drive of the same or larger quantity then the one being recovered.

Do you have Lost, inaccessible or damaged data?

Please fill out the Data Recovery form.

Data Recovery Form

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